Early Stage Threshold Techology Curve Model

Marketing Digital

Marketing Digital (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

U.S. Supreme Court building.

U.S. Supreme Court building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Early Stage Threshold Techology Curve Model

Some spects of the “Threshold ( Early Stage) Technology Curve Mode”l developed in 1990/2000h but could only be patented in 2010 after US Supreme Court case Bilski versus Kappos.that permitted for the first time “methodology” and “business method ” patents ( I was in good company … eBay was first in the queue with their on-line auctions methodology). The Model ( also for use by investors ) is a series of recommendations for the entire life cycle of a start-up
– Great if the founders are technically savy… but they should remain in R&D for the entire timeline to exit
– A outsider CEO should be appointed as soon as it financially is permissible
-First Responsibility of CEO is to get a East Coast of the US marketing team up and at the world . NY and Boston have a surplus of experience Ivy League Marketing people . At this stage marketing should lead R & D development rather than the other way round ( traditionally)

– Alpha must hit the market as soon as possible and then use market to redefine product development. Listen to the market. Do not get to the end of a Product Development and discover their is no market. An amazing Israel technology of 26 directional access into Big Data developed in 2003-5 found that there was at lthis point in time , no actual market for this technology. think “Rubic Cube ” because that is the way this start-up was pitched. The founder walk into VC’s with nothing more than a Rubic Cube .
-Marketing is nice ( ebooks, blogs are even nicer) but that is not the point. Marketing must result in revenue Sales ( GAAP preferably , non- GAAP is ok deferred
– From here the break even point should be in focus and beyond and there is nothing wrong with becoming a “great company and profitable ” before an exit and why exit when available old fashioned “dividends” and” interest” (terms sheets).

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