3XC Branding San Marino

KDE brand map: description of the new KDE bran...

KDE brand map: description of the new KDE brands after the re-branding effort. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you get when you combine passion, intention and credibility? Competitive Advantage!

As international counsel and reputation management expert to senior executives, CEOs and international business leaders, 3XC launched a reputation management and branding firm, to devise corporate marketing strategies and personal branding processes that drive results. Our programs continuously and intuitively revolve —and evolve— around clients’ business objectives while positioning companies and executives to outshine their competitors.

Our  background includes 20+ years of creating and implementing reputation management and brand marketing programs and reputation management strategies for business and military leaders. We develop intuitive reputation management and personal brand strategies through social media campaigns and maps out detailed reputation management & marketing plans across industries ranging from military to education to financial services to real estate and business process outsourcing.

An accomplished professional speaker on personal branding and reputation management, my programs, “Stand Out from the Crowd: Leveraging Your Personal Brand” (Reputation Management) and “Personal Branding & Reputation Management Online” generate consistent rave reviews. Our  insights into reputation management empower clients to build and cultivate career-growing networks in-person and online, and powerful reputations and reputation management programs.

We  have been featured in leading international business media on reputation management, careers, branding and personal branding, veterans issues, social media and online reputation.

We I deliver speaking programs, consulting and coaching on:
– Reputation Management for Executives
– Reputation Management for Professionals
– Reputation Management for Business
– Personal Branding for Executives/Professionals
– Personal Branding & Reputation Management w Social Media
– Personal Branding for Transitioning Veterans

Specialties:Reputation Management,Reputation Management Expert, Reputation Management Coach, Transition skills for US veterans, military veterans coach, Brand Development, Personal Branding Expert, Personal Branding Coach, Author, Professional Speaker, Keynotes, Marketing, Public Relations, Reputation Management, Communications, Networking


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