Building An Online Resume To Land That Dream Job


Building An Online Resume To Land That Dream Job



Did you know over the course of last year, 92 PERCENT of employers used social media to recruit employees? The top 3 platforms used by employers are Facebook, Twitter, and the largest of the three, LinkedIN. The social networking site enables users to create a profile using relevant keywords, join industry groups, and network. Not only can you connect with others but it allows recruiters to search, find, and connect with potential candidates. Although most people today are not looking for another social platform to waste time on, you may just want to rethink LinkedIn.

As college students get closer to their intended graduation dates, I think 11 out of 10 people are concerned about how they might go about getting their first realjob in today’s economic situation. With the importance of making connections in your field to land jobs these days, it is essential to create and maintain your LinkedIn. But unfortunately, most people (including me) don’t have much knowledge on how to effectively use the networking website to their advantage. After it was brought up in one of my classes this semester, I decided to do some deeper research. I recently read this article by Jonathan Pollinger, which explains 12 reasons why YOU should be actively using LinkedIn:

  1. Keeping in touch – Keep tabs on your ex-colleagues, clients and contacts by reading your Home Page or Weekly Update email
  2. Networking – Use LinkedIn to find suppliers and advisers who you might do business with
  3. Obtaining referrals – Quality referrals on your profile give a positive image to contacts
  4. Contact information – Check a contact’s LinkedIn profile for contact information, send them a message over LinkedIn if they’re a first degree connection or an InMail if they’re out of your network
  5. Obtaining relevant news on your industry – Use LinkedIn Today and LinkedIn Groups to find out valuable information and to find out what’s happening in your market
  6. Obtaining leads – Following a simple plan on a regular basis you can obtain leads and make sales
  7. Get hired – A strong presence on LinkedIn increases your chances of being hired
  8. Good platform for demonstrating your expertise – Showcase your skills and expertise by providing tips in Status Updates and getting communicating in Groups
  9. Researching speakers and exhibitors – Find out about speakers and exhibitors before conferences and events to help you decide who to listen to and which stands to visit
  10. Connecting with delegates after network meetings – Use LinkedIn to connect with and strengthen relationships with people you’ve met at network meetings
  11. Attracting visitors to your website – Use your Contact Info to publish links to your website/social networks
  12. Great recruitment tool – Use LinkedIn Advanced Search to find potential candidates or advertise in the Jobs section

With the astonishing number of businesses professionals and CEOs using LinkedIn, I would encourage everyone to start using this free business tool. Whether you are looking for internships, jobs, employees, or just want to learn more about what’s happening in your field, LinkedIn is the place to be. With my last couple of college semesters approaching, and a deeper knowledge of how beneficial the website is, I will only benefit from the wide variety of tools LinkedIn has to offer. Ask yourself, will you be joining the professional network of LinkedIn?

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