Mobile Metrics that Matter

Mobile Metrics that Matter

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


In today’s social advertising landscape, mobile is simply inescapable. The mobile revolution is reshaping social advertising, and has clearly led to more engaging and targeted ad campaigns, as well as a growing demand to accurately measure their value. Traditional metrics such as CPM and CPC leave much to be desired in terms of attributing the real value driven by advertising directly to spend. Moreover, they are unable to accurately measure advertising ROI and are also entirely ineffectual when it comes to forecasting customer LTV.

At SocialClicks’ we work to overcome this challenge by tracking in-app behaviors that offer the deepest insight into user performance and engagement, which have been shown not only to properly measure and attribute immediate results to your ad campaigns, but also to help you better predict the results they will drive into the future.

The most effective way to leverage the opportunities offered by mobile advertising is to closely analyze audience behavior, and intelligently link it back to your ad campaigns. Below, we’ve compiled four metrics to help guide your way to the most cost-effective and LTV-minded mobile campaign success. Several of these are easily tracked, while others require post-acquisition event tracking to identify the highest-quality users and forecast long-term user value.

Four essential mobile metrics:

Active Users Directly Acquired Through Advertising – Tracking active user numbers is basic, but the next step involves granular segmentation. Which campaigns, and even individual ads, have driven traffic that resulted in the acquisition of active and long-term users for your apps?

User Retention Rate – Now that people have downloaded your app, it’s time to track when and how often they return to it. At SocialClicks we help our clients achieve this by using integrated in-app tracking to monitor critical mobile events such as Day One Retention. Given the significant drop-off in usage after initial installation, Day One Retention can be an excellent indicator of whether you’ve successfully targeted the right audience.

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) – Collecting data on user monetization is crucial to gaining actionable insight on in-app engagement. ARPU is a vital post-download action that can be used to identify loyal users, making it easy to exclude low-performing ads with little monetization, and optimize images and text for best performance in the future.

Session Time – A major difference exits between users who spend 1 minute in your app, and those who spend five or more. The amount of time per session can disclose a great deal on whether users are likely to return – or monetize, in the future, and can be used as a strong determinant of current and future user loyalty and monetization.

Tracking the right analytics is key to ensuring you reach the precise high-quality users that ultimately determine the effectiveness and lifetime value driven by your ad campaigns. Clicks and conversions may have been sufficient in the past, but mobile advertising today requires close examination of insights that go far beyond these initial actions. Post-conversion event tracking lies at the core of SocialClicks’ mobile strategy, helping us drive the users who monetize best today and forecast which customer and user segments will have the highest lifetime value into the future.


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