Relationship Building Through Effective Corporate Gifting Strategies

Relationship between trade marks and brand

Relationship between trade marks and brand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Relationship Building Through Effective Corporate Gifting Strategies

Rymax Marketing Services, Inc., the industry’s premier full-service marketing solutions provider and one of the largest corporate gift distributor in the U.S. announces gifting strategies to grow your business relationships. The corporate gift market is thriving with the economy and organizations are increasing their spend. Gift givers are concentrating specifically on using brand name merchandise to improve employee loyalty, increase meeting and event ROI, grow customer loyalty, and thank top clients.

“Corporate gifting has recently been viewed in a negative light in certain corporate cultures and that is a critical mistake and misrepresentation. Many corporations use it as a very useful long standing relationship building tool to improve client relationships,” said Paul Gordon, Industry Expert and Vice President of Sales at Rymax Marketing Services, Inc.  Gordon helps his customers using the following key components:

·         Understand the culture of your clients

·         Respect the parameters of corporate gifts with each client

·         Choose items that have a true value to the employee in their work environment

·         Understand the employee demographics

A meaningful gift offers lasting value and keeps your brand resonating long after it’s received. By customizing the gifting experience, it creates positive memories between the recipient and your company, making it a win for both sides that will drive your business forward. “This trend isn’t at all surprising” adds Gordon. “Organizations are realizing that gifting has become a part of their overall strategic approach to both sales and customer retention, to the point where Corporate Gifting should be renamed Corporate Relationship Building.”

Another area driving this trend is the fact that for the first time in history there are five generations in the workforce, making it imperative for organizations to develop a more targeted and segmented incentive and gift strategy. Gone are the days of “one size fits all” approaches to these areas. “We know that Boomers gravitate towards established brands such as Farberware and KitchenAid, Gen X gravitate towards brands that create a work life balance such as Bowflex and Nautilus. Millenials gravitate towards brands that are highly recommended by others such as Beats by Dr. Dre and Skullcandy, and Gen Z simply wants the latest such as Michael Kors and mophie,” explains Gordon.

“Choosing the right item to reward your clients or employees is critically important” Gordon went on to say, “To be effective, organizations have to offer aspirational gifts and personalize the reward based on what makes sense geographically and demographically. Then they must align desirable and functional products against these criteria. Many of our clients offer a variety of items within tiered price ranges in order to give the recipient the opportunity to receive something that they truly aspire to have.”

While all these signs are encouraging organizations still need to be flexible and responsive to changes in both National economics and corporate structure or culture. “In terms of corporate relationship building, the most important thing is to continue to communicate with your clients, attendees and employees and deliver something that’s of value,” concluded Gordon.

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