Stephen Darori … developer of the Threshold Technolgy Curve Model


Stephen Darori … developer of the Threshold Technolgy Curve Model

Stephen Darori

Stephen Darori … developer of the Threshold Technolgy Curve Model

The Threshold Technology Curve Model for start ups and investors was developed for a post graduate degree at the LSE by Stephen Darori. Over 6000 startups currently use this model free of charge despite 12 registered patents and exponentially many more from the PCT patent process started in 2010 . The patents were the second batch registered after eBay’s on line auction patents registered in terms of the Supreme Court Case Bilski versus Kappos . The Model has in the last 14 years resulted in over 600 exits.

Stephen Darori actively works with new entrepreneurs to develop their business plans and marketing strategy and raises early stage funding matched more funding from his own resources.

What follows is a Recommendation Stephen Darori received on Linkedin that partly describes the Model ….two key elements missing are that the model calls for the earliest possible commercialization of a technology and the use of partners to change the direction of a technologies development if necessary…. equally ….while not always … early stage finance is placed in an escrow account and released per cash budgets submitted by the founding entrepreneurs … the escrow account legal is owned by the start up but the process agreed to by most founders disciplines founders and introduces controls that impress investors when new rounds of finance are required …. the model also advocated that founders with technical skills remain in R & D until the start up exits … at the right time a start up will hire an experience “adult” CEO and as it goes global will establish a Marketing Team on the East Coast of the US using a surplus of excellent IVY and McKinsley & Co trained Marketing Specialists

” Stephen Darori has a wide and rich experience in turning new technologies into viable start ups . He provide leadership and value for preseed and seed stage start up by leveraging his analytical, management, and organizational skills and and strategic planning but most of all his Threshold Curve Model which addresses directly what VC’s want to see in Business and Marketing plans and especially R & D Strategy and Plans . The Model among other things calls for the early commercialization of the technology with a revenue flow and outsourcing the entire Management and Site Services function with Marketing overlapping into R & D initially .The model also recommends that the Entrepreneurs remain in R & D and when the time is right appoint experienced Management ( CEO , Marketing Manager etc). This strategy proved exceptionally well with the recent Waze Exit to Google and is used currently by many other companies that could in the foreseeable future reach an exit. It is also a viewed very positively by early investors. Stephen has assisted many 100′s of young entrepreneurs ( often straight out of college) to turn their new technologies into a marketable business model and raise Angel, Seed and even first round finance He is quick to learn, understand and gain expertise in new technologies and variations of existing ones.. His business models and development plans and especially his marketing plans for new technologies and even variations of existing technologies are often unexpected and ” out of the box” thinking. With all Business and Marketing plans , Stephen includes Benchmarks  and a Balance Scoreboard  that helps companies execute strategy and ensure the correct plans are in place to deliver the strategies  He is a great and patient mentor to young entrepreneurs both in Israel and the UK,”

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